Instructions:  Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to walk and interact with the environment. 
                               Use RIGHT & MIDDLE BUTTON to adjust camera.

Plague Day is a detective RPG style serious game prototype for the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science students. It is a platform where user can experience, analyse and learn from various real life zoonosis outbreak simulations.  On this project I have been working on programming early prototypes and UX-UI design.

My approach to UX design was systematizing and reducing information by implementing interaction — choice to access as much information as one need in order to solve the outbreak. In some cases like dialogue choices instead of displaying full sentences I narrowed information to one word which makes experience more intuitive. There are several ways player can gather information: by interacting with environment, having conversations, conducting research (computer, microscope).To store, display and revise all the data I have designed a logbook system, a mechanic that stores and categorizes information in clues and sub-clues: #2clue Blood on the ground • the goat Betsy gave birth • blood contains Coxielia Buretti. Additionally once pressed the logbook is used to reveal more in debt clue explanation, read more about characters or locations, travel and configure settings.

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